Lana Em - Studio Policy


Private piano students are on a month-to-month contract. Tuition for the month is due in full the first week of every month. Payment must be made for the entire month in advance in order to reserve your guaranteed lesson time for the upcoming weeks.

There is a $5 late fee for each week that tuition is not received. If payment is not received by the third week of the month, lessons will be temporarily suspended until all charges and fees are resolved.

Cancellation Policy/Make-up Policy

Cancellations must be given at least 24 hours in advance in order to receive a make-up lesson that is to be taken within the month of the cancellation. If the parent/student fails to comply with the 24-hour cancellation policy, the lesson will be considered a loss for the student and the teacher is not obligated to refund or reschedule the lesson.

In the event of an allowed make-up, parents will be given reasonable notice of a possible make-up time; however, if the student’s schedule does not permit for the make-up lesson, the lesson is a forfeit.

Credits will be made for emergencies and extenuating circumstances only and at the discretion of the instructor. If the instructor is unable to attend a lesson you will be given sufficient notice and either a credit or make-up lesson.

If for some reason you, the parent, must conclude lessons entirely, I require a two-week notice in order to end our lessons in a positive manner. I will not be able to provide credits or refunds for the remaining weeks of our monthly contract.


Students are expected to be/to arrive on time. The instructor will allow a window of 15 minutes. After the allowed time, the lesson is considered to be lost and no make-up will be given. Exceptions will be made for weather and extenuating circumstances only.

Schedule Requests

Please be courteous of the instructor’s schedule and of other families in requesting frequent changes to the schedule. I will do my best to accommodate everyone, however, most lessons occur during a very limited amount of hours after school and are at times very difficult to reschedule.

Recital Participation

Student participation in piano recitals is encouraged and will assist the student in setting future goals. One major recital are given each year at the end of the school year. Students will be invited to perform upon consistent practice.

MTNA, MSMTA and MCMTA competitions, festivals and achievement days are available to all students in our studio. Suggested participation in these events may depend on the student’s level of progress, involvement and dedication to practice. Additional fee for these events may apply.

Lesson Supplies

Students are required to own their own music and materials. Appropriate books and supplies can be purchased at most music stores in Montgomery county, and the surrounding areas. Please ask the instructor for suggestions when necessary. If the teacher purchases the student’s materials, the parent will be billed accordingly at the end of the month. Every student is required to own and have/bring their own assignment book to every lesson.

Parent Expectations

Parents/guardians of young children are welcome and encouraged to join and participate in each lesson when at all possible. The involvement of each parent is necessary to ensure that the student may enjoy the piano within a healthy musical atmosphere. Supervised and constructive practice time spent between the parent and student on a daily basis is necessary for the progress of the student. Parents of young children or beginning students must be willing to set aside 15-20 minutes per day to help their child practice and/or read their assignment book.

Parents/guardians of older children are asked to assist their child by assigning a regular practice schedule at home. They will be asked to check their assignment notebook regularly to ensure that all aspects of their studies have been practiced. Parents may be asked to discuss and listen to their child’s weekly assignments the day before their scheduled lesson. Upon completion of the child’s weekly demonstration for their parent, the parent will be asked to sign the assignment book. Consistent practice time is a must in seeking progress.

Thank you!