COVID 19. Pandemic. But MUSIC is still alive, and our PIANO LESSONS are still are going on!

Indeed, new life circumstances have brought many changes in our lives and into our delights of the mastering of piano playing. Since spring 2020, I have had to provide piano sessions in virtual format. This unusual way of interaction has had an impact on everybody - me as a teacher, parents and students, and of course, all of us have learned the challenges of online learning.

However, we all (especially the parents of youngest ones) have understood that nothing can replace in-person communication, face-to-face instructions, a simple gesture could be more powerful than a word to explain how to produce a sound. Therefore, my students are happy to be back to my piano studio in July, since then I continue to provide the lessons in most powerful, productive and emotional way.

As we all manage through this pandemic I am encouraged by the dedication of my students (and the support of their parents and friends) and I welcome new students now to a safe environment.

Please stay safe and enjoy the pleasure of playing and listening to a piano.